Third Force: An Intoxicating Dose of Sycophancy

A third force is a new phrase to describe the search for another strong platform, party, individuals or groups who desire a disruption of the present political dispensation in Nigeria strongly held by the ruling All Progressives Congress and an equally strong grip by the People’s Democratic Party. They remain the party to beat; they can share the first and second force with each other and we know the history of their emergence and the men who formed it.

In a bid to change or birth a New Nigeria, a group of people particularly among the fourth generation that will start the journey of taking Nigeria to a century of her independence have started jostling for that position of the third force. It either they want relevance or just to make a statement or want to take power for themselves or something close to anti-Nigeria because none and not even one has given us something different or close to the other forces on the food chain. We are in a time in Nigeria’s history where some talking points have become postulations of the past and are no longer relevant yet some people think that they matter now. You all need to relax!

A short story before I pour out this midnight anger and agitations to write. My father told me one little secret about politics, campaigns and electioneering and that is that the same crowd in a political rally of a party still appear for that of the other party. Yet, you find politicians and candidates having unfortunate doses of orgasms because a crowd they have never seen before appeared to see your face and how you make them feel stupid. That is one!

This third force peddlers seem not to be good students of Nigeria’s political history; because if they understand and have been following the trend of events, if they have been reading the right books for politics or simply follow the news from history they will understand why they are heading for their burial before they breathe their last breath. I have not seen this dose and mixture of sycophancy before in my entire life despite not holding any political office; you don’t have to anyways, the Nigerian political drama is enough to learn the gimmicks.

The populism that is sweeping around the world; Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, George Weah and the many Prime Ministers in Canada, Austria, Venezuela and co are not created from anything different (from their system). They evolved and emerged from their countries. President Trump might not have held any political office or been in the military but he has always been there; in corporate America and his voice was never silent. Trump did not build his business while losing sight or keeping quiet on the politics in America. Please get this right!

As much as I understand that anyone has the political, constitutional and citizenship right to run for any political office in Nigeria including the offices that are higher than the highest office in Nigeria, you are a threat to what we are trying to achieve as a generation.

Why you may ask?

You are dividing us rather than uniting us as a generation. You are inflated by the ego of sycophants who want to sink you but apparently whatever they are using on you have become intoxicating for commonsense to speak or wisdom. Knowledge of history does not even come to play because you clearly have not read much to understand how it works and the trend that brought us to where we are today. We want a New Nigeria quite alright but your recent approach proves to be selfish because some cronies somewhere have sold you a lie that your good looks, talking, pictures, ideas and oratory will move mountains. No sir/ma!

Let me state that I, too have political aspirations and have been preparing for it since 2009 and I can say humbly that I have grown in understanding the game without even playing it with God helping me but I have no death wish for myself by neglecting the wisdom of Nigeria’s political history.

A third force ideally is a good idea and does not need to be by floating political parties which you equally will be the candidate of such parties. That is your first sin and the biggest of all. The political status quo cannot be broken or penetrated by any third force if there is no critical mass of people who can shake up the old order. Yes, we have it in the millennial generation but if you think you can run-off to form groups and start feeding those people things that their minds will get drunk on, then, I bet you that you are heading to self-destruct. Don’t be an Achan for this generation because you need everyone who is under threat, who is crying out there, who is on social media, who is home and abroad to displace the first and second forces.

Sycophancy can be detected by the ones who receive it but this one seems to be very intoxicating and the orgasm it is giving you is clearly written in your faces. Get a grip on yourself, stop these suicidal thoughts and plans and equally stop breaking a chain that is speedily moving closer to a revolution.

Finally, Forget the Presidency, go lower and lower to other offices to avoid endangering those you love.

This article was first published on the Eureka Posts.




God, Architecture, Politics, Business, Logistics

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Chukwuemeka Azubuike

Chukwuemeka Azubuike

God, Architecture, Politics, Business, Logistics

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